Advanced Google Shopping Optimization

In today’s blog we are going to cover off some of the top ways in which you will be able to perform advanced google shopping optimisation. To get right into it, when it comes to ensuring everything is running optimally boils down to two main ways:

  1. Google Merchant Centre & Google Ads Tweaks

a. Eg Merchant Centre Error and changes to settings within the Google Ads Dashboard.

  1. Store Level Tweaks 

a. Images, titles, descriptions and changes within the Google Shopping App

Let’s delve a little deeper into these two main ways the first being Google Merchant Centre Tweaks. Maintaining and ensuring that the Merchant Centre Product Feed is running properly is vital. We suggest you regularly go in and check to see if any of the products in your feed have problems as soon as possible.

Negative keywords also must be checked on a regular basis. It is a good idea to begin compiling a list of commonly used search terms that are unlikely to yield sales eg. Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, where to buy, reviews etc. You will likely need to come up with some that are relevant to your store/niche. A great tip is to set calendar reminders to remember to keep doing this.

Removing Unprofitable Keywords

You need to be regularly checking this within your Google Ads Dashboard. When to remove these will come down to your budget and how relevant they keywords are. If really broad search terms are triggering your product ads then you’re unlikely to get sales and should be more brutal with removing the keywords. For smaller budgets be brutal – remove keywords after $5 – $10 spent. For larger budgets you can collect more data, remove after $10-$20+. Make sure you make all the store level tweaks as well!

Removing Unprofitable Products

Again this depends on your budget.

Small budget (Under $500): Select a low figure such as $10 – $20.

Medium budget ($500 – $2k): Aim for 1 times the revenue of the product to really give Google time to optimise.

High Budget ($2k+): 1 to 3 times the revenue of the product.

Make sure you’re removing unprofitable keywords and performing all other mentioned methods of optimisation mentioned in this presentation.

Store Level Optimisation

The most important things when it comes to your product feed data is:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Relevance
  3. In relation to what people ARE SEARCHING FOR.

Google will reward the better quality, more relevant merchants with lower CPCs.

High Quality Images 

The images for your product needs to be eye catching, high quality and accurately representing the product you are selling. We suggest a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels, clean white background and no logos to maximise your CTR%.

Product Descriptions

The exact some concepts relating to Product Titles also apply to product descriptions:

  1. Accuracy – what’s written must be a true reflection
  2. Relevancy – must be relevant, cohesive and spoken in the customer’s language
  3. Maximising the chance to have a good experience/result in a sale!

Keep to between 500 and 1000 words.

Google Shopping Feed App Tweaks

Giving Google the most accurate and relevant category is going to give you a leg up over people who do not fill this in! Make sure you choose THE MOST specific category you believe your product fits in.

By being meticulous about your product feed and ensuring all the boxes are ticked, this will allow for you to optimise your Google Shopping.

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