How To Find 6 Figure Winning Google Products

I get asked all the time about what the magic formula is when it comes to picking products which simply sell like hot cakes and there is a little bit of science and a little bit of art that happens when deciding on a winner. In today’s blog I am going to break down how you can do research which is valuable and get one step closer to figuring out what product or products you would like to sell on your online store. I have sold over 15 million dollar worth of ecommerce products online through my client’s stores at Armenis Digital and I have definitely seen my fair share of interesting products that individuals love to buy online.

Before we get down to is considered a a product that is worth selling, I want to clarify what I define as a ‘winning’ product. Most individuals think a winning product is a product which makes millions and millions of dollars in under 30 days and not only is that inaccurate it is also unrealistic when it comes to ecommerce. My definition of a ‘winning’ product is that brings in profitable and consistent sales over a long period of time. So going by my definition we will now deep dive into how to find a six figure winning product with where and what you need to be looking for.

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