Meet Alexandra Yves

Alexandra Yves is a Video Brand Manager and Strategist at Armenis Digital, one of Australia's top ecommerce ad agencies. Alexandra has worked on large events such as the Sydney Film Festival and St Kilda Festival and has managed video production for big brands such as Australia Post, Ebay, and Wizz Fizz.

The services she provides include video production, workshops, online training as well as medical and health related video advertising which is a niche that is underserved. Working with Doctors, Surgeons and Specialists in order to provide unique marketing videos that adhere to their governing bodies such as AHPRA.

Professional Medical Videos

Introducing The Leg Vein Doctor

Video Marketing At Its Best...

Our clinic video was strategically filmed for advertising and SEO purposes. By utilising video, The Leg Vein Doctor is able to stand out at a premium clinic within Brisbane.

We Filmed an Initial Consultation...

In order to show new patients what to expect, we created a video of an initial consultation which would assist them seeing the experience when booking an appointment with The Leg Vein Doctor.

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